While on an internship as a Social Impact Consultant in Peru, Joseph had the opportunity to hike the Inca Trail and capture this amazing photo with the peak of Machu Picchu in the background.

Joseph Deane, Global and International Studies, Emzingo, Peru

While on an internship with Uniterra in Peru, Cara had the opportunity to meet with local cocoa farmers to inform them about upcoming workshops and events offered through her placement organization. The workshops were to inform local farmers on ways to improve their quality and production.

Cara Goodman, Global and International Studies, Uniterra, Peru

While completing an internship at a social entrepreneurship organization in Madrid Spain, Aynsley had the opportunity to make a quick weekend trip to Seville. The photo above was taken at the famous Plaza de Espana.

Aynsley Persad, Global and International Studies, The Intern Group, Spain

While on an internship in Costa Rica, Isobel had the opportunity to participate in the San Jose Pride Parade.

Isobel Aubin, Global and International Studies, Global Experiences, Costa Rica 

While interning at a law firm in Dublin, Melissa was able to visit the beautiful Irish coast.

Melissa Friedman, Law and Legal Studies, The Intern Group, Ireland 

While interning as an Entrepreneurship Officer in Guatemala, Sydney had the unique opportunity to roast marshmallows over the hot volcanic rocks after hiking to the top of Volcan Pacaya.

Sydney Beishuizen, Global and International Studies, Uniterra, Guatemala 

Utibeabasi visited the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City while on her internship through Global Experiences. She was working with a non-profit organization that encourages women of colour to get more involved within the political sphere in the US.

Utibeabasi Emah, Political Science and International Relations, Global Experiences, USA

As a Soft Skills Training Officer with Uniterra, Sarah had the opportunity to take part in a cultural exchange program with the Hue Tourism College and their partner college in Thailand. While there, Sarah learned both Thai and Vietnamese style dances with locals.

Sarah Pledge Dickson, Global and International Studies, Uniterra, Vietnam 

BGInS student, Sahana, experienced the monsoon rains in Mumbai, India, while on an internship as a Legal Intern with the Academic Internship Council.

Sahana Kapur, Global and International Studies, Academic Internship Council, India 

Katie visited the populated Tower Bridge while on her internship in London with Global Experiences. Katie interned with an organization supporting well-being and mental health services in London.

Katie Shieck, Psychology, Global Experiences, United Kingdom