International Experiences

Going abroad can be an extremely rewarding opportunity that can help develop your international skills and connections in today’s global marketplace.

Check out some of our resources below on international experiences that can serve as stepping stones to (and reality tests for!) your career goals:

Thinking of Going Abroad?

Preparing to Work Outside of Canada

Helpful Resources for Working Abroad

  • MyWorldAbroad offers international career advice for students and young professionals. Receive FREE access when you register with your Carleton email!
  • Carleton’s International Student Service Office (ISSO) organizes the international student Exchange program (located in 128 University Centre).
  • AIESIC in Canada is an international student-run leadership organization which includes volunteer, internship and on-campus opportunities.
  • Charity Village is a Canadian job and volunteer posting site which includes an in-depth listing of NGOs doing international development work.
  • Check out SWAP Working Holidays, a not-for-profit organization that promotes cultural exchange opportunities to Canadians.

Adaptation & Coping Skills

To be successful working overseas, consider your:

  • Comfort level with change and challenges
  • Street smarts and a sense of adventure
  • Patience, curiosity, and open-mindedness
  • Ability to speak and/or learn other languages
  • Ability to cope with stress
  • Appreciation of new cultures
  • Non-verbal communication skills
  • Tolerance and sensitivity to differences

International Internships

The Value of an Internship Abroad

Participating in an international internship can be an excellent way to gain experience in the field while incorporating what you have learned into your academic studies. Placing yourself outside of the classroom can allow you to really test drive the types of work you like to do and perhaps what interests you the most on a global front. Most international internships are unpaid, however some offer monthly stipends or grants to help cover the costs of your experience. A traditional internship should allow for you to receive academic credit for your experience. Ensure you contact your department to explore your options for academic credit before committing to an international internship placement.

You may also contact the International Internship team at for more information on internship opportunities.

Teaching Abroad

Teaching English as a second language abroad can be a very rewarding experience. It can also be a great way to test out your interest in teaching, or strengthen your applications for teachers college. The amount of education and experience required, and salaries, varies significantly by country. Often, a university degree and/or TESL certification is required, along with at least a one-year commitment.

United TESOL Info Sessions at Carleton

Check out the following recommended organizations to coordinate your teaching abroad experience:

Community Engaged Learning Experiences

What is community engaged learning?

Community engaged learning can be a wonderful introduction to your international journey, especially if you don’t have a lot of international experience yet. These are usually short-term travel experiences that incorporate an element of community service within local communities. Typically paid for out-of-pocket or through fundraising.

  • Carleton’s Student Experience Office offers the Alternative Spring Break (ASB) program, featuring international community-service learning trips. The ASB program will return for 2023-2024 after a brief hiatus.

ASB program group photo

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