What can you do to help students?

  • Refer students to meet one on one with Career Services staff in 401 Tory Building
  • Refer students to our online resources and events
  • Consult with us if you are interested in incorporating career education into your course
  • Request an in-class workshop for the upcoming academic year
  • Hire a student – participate in work-study, Co-op, or on-campus employment

What we do

Through innovative planning and collaborative initiatives, Career Services at Carleton University empower students and alumni for career success. We support past and present students as they:

  • Develop effective and flexible career plans connecting their interests, values, and strengths to their academic and career goals
  • Explore experiential opportunities to learn more about the labour market and the world of work
  • Evaluate educational paths and possibilities that will help them move towards a fulfilling career through an exploration of program options and further education
  • Improve their career management skills and prepare their marketing tools for job searching such as resumes, networking cards and developing interview skills
  • Find a part-time or summer job/internship opportunity
  • Build connections with community partners and employers