Are you a considering embedding career readiness in your course(s) or program? Career Services welcomes any opportunity to work with you to support the career development needs of your students. We invite you to explore the following approaches to working with us:

5 Models

#1 Booking a Career in the Classroom Workshop

Invite Career Services to talk to your students on a range of topics, including how to develop a resume and/or cover letter, exploring what to do with their degree, preparing for an interview, and more! Review the full list of topics and learning outcomes for each workshop on our Career in the Classroom Workshops webpage.

To request a presentation or workshop for your students, please fill out our workshop request form.

#2 Embedding career-related assessments in your course

Need ideas to include career-related assessments in your course? Partner with Career Services to create assessments aligned with your course’s learning outcomes. Sample assignments include:

  • Writing resumes and cover letters
  • Creating a Skills Portfolio using cuPortfolio
  • Conducting a career exploration conversation with a Career Consultant
  • Conducting informational interviews
  • Writing accomplishment, or Situation-Action-Result (SAR), statements

#3 Articulating Career Competencies in your course

Many students struggle with articulating the skills and competencies they have acquired throughout their academic journey. Career Services can facilitate two workshops on skills identification and articulation. By the end of the workshops, students will be able to articulate competencies gained from your course.

#4 Fostering Department-level collaboration

Career Services can assist with facilitating conversations at your department meetings to strategically integrate career readiness in your curriculum. Additionally, we can assist in moderating career panels and host workshops for your students.

#5 Developing a Career Transitions Course

Are you developing a Career Transitions Course? We would love to share ideas for developing career-ready learning outcomes, activities, and assessments for your course.

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If you have any questions, or would like more information about any of the options listed above, please contact Career Services by sending an email to our faculty inbox: