Your Career Starts Now! – 1st and 2nd year 

At the end of this presentation, your students will:

  • Identify the events, services and resources offered by Career Services to help them begin their career planning now
  • Gain an increase in clarity about the career planning process and dispel common career myths
  • Discover online resources that can help them learn about career options that align with their interests
  • Recognize the importance of experiential learning as a method of career researching and some of the key programs and resources available to them

What Can I Do With A Degree In 3rd and 4th year 

At the end of this workshop your students will:

  • Identify services, resources and events offered by Career Services
  • Understand the stages of the career planning cycle and the flexibility of a degree
  • Recognize the importance of self-knowledge in career planning and targeting a job search
  • Find out how to identify skills and employment opportunities
  • Discover new job search strategies, tools and the hidden job market
  • Identify different networking tools and strategies to expand networking opportunities

Resume, cover letter

At the end of this workshop your students will be able to:

  • Identify the resume style best highlights skills and experiences
  • Develop the ability to format a targeted resume for specific positions and organizations
  • Discover how to identify and best market transferable skills
  • Distill and highlight developed skills through a review of past experiences
  • Understand how to write accomplishment-based job and skill statements
  • Build the foundational sections of an effective resume