Faculty Testimonials

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“I teach a 4th year seminar for psychology students and have Career Services come to my class every year to discuss what students can do with their degree. Many psychology students have received misguided advice about careers and are often surprised by how much they learn. The interactive session includes: practical advice for writing a resume that makes the most of transferable skills, how to go beyond the typical online job search, what networking really means, and more. The staff are always happy to adapt their presentation to the specific needs of my class, and the feedback from students is very positive.

I think students would benefit from having sessions like this beginning in 1st or 2nd year so they have time to gain experience and skills long before graduation. Career Services can help them to explore their values and interests and to set career goals that translate into stronger academic motivation throughout their studies as well as greater career readiness.”

Rachelle Thibodeau

Coordinator, Academic Support, Program Evaluation, and Research

“I have been working with the Career Services for over five years. They come to my International Management course (BUSI 2702) to run a workshop on personality that is much appreciated by the students. The staff at the career services is always energetic and knowledgeable and add value and excitement to my course. Thank you!”

Luciara Nardon

Associate Professor, Sprott School of Business

“I first had Career Services come into the First Year Seminar I teach in 2014. Since then, I’ve continued to ask them back every year! The staff at Career Services are absolutely wonderful – they connect well with students, personalize workshops to make sure they are relevant to students, and they always ask for feedback to make sure they keep current with faculty and student needs. As an instructor, I don’t always know how to answer students’ questions about their future career goals/paths. I appreciate being able to say, there’s someone on campus who CAN answer those questions for you.”

Samah Sabra

Adjunct Professor, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

“As Graduate Supervisor of a fairly large Graduate Program, I had the opportunity to attend one of Yvonne’s Career Workshops. I was impressed and excited by her inclusive and sparkling style of presentation, as well as the practical and incredibly helpful workshop content. The skills and advice provided are superb for all graduate students, not only those immediately looking for careers. Yvonne is wonderful and the workshops are incredibly valuable!”

Donna Malone

School Administrator, School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies

“Phaedra has come to my first year seminar class for the past two years, to give a workshop on how to write a resume and cover letter when applying for a job. Her presentation style is engaging and at the student’s level. She provides lots of examples and excellent power point slides. The students’ assignment involves writing up a resume and cover letter for a hypothetical job. Phaedra has supplied the job info, using an actual job that was posted at Career Services.  She has also made herself available to students to look over their assignments before they submit them.  I have been extremely satisfied with my interactions with Career Services, through Phaedra and will continue to use their services in my courses.”

Anne Bowker

Undergraduate Chair, Associate Professor, Department of Psychology