FEDERAL STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM (FSWEP): Federal Government departments recruit full-time students for about 9,000 summer positions
each year in various sectors and ministries.

YOUNG CANADA WORKS (YCW): The Department of Canadian Heritage provides summer opportunities across Canada in three
areas: YCW in Both Official Languages; YCW in Heritage Institutions; and YCW for Aboriginal
Urban Youth. Jobs may have French/English language requirements.

CITY OF OTTAWA: SUMMER STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM: The City of Ottawa has multiple student opportunities available within departments as well as in the areas of recreation, culture (or cultural programming, and specialized camps.

PARLIAMENTARY YOUTH PROGRAM: The Senate hires students for summer positions, and throughout the year, to work in various areas of Administration. Some of the areas where students work include Legislative Services, Human Resources, Information Management, and Protective Services.

GOVERNMENT OF ONTARIO: SUMMER EXPERIENCE PROGRAM (SEP): Non-profit community organizations are given funding under the SEP program to create meaningful summer employment opportunities for students. Job opportunities can be found by searching participating agency websites.

ABORIGINAL YOUTH WORK EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Students (aged 15-24, or up to age 29 for students with a disability)) who self-identify as an Indigenous person (Metis, First Nation or Inuit) can apply for an 8-week summer job working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry, an Indigenous community, or an Indigenous organization.

HYDRO OTTAWA: SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM: Hydro Ottawa recruits post-secondary students in Engineering, Business, and related disciplines for summer positions in which they will gain and develop valuable skills.

CANADA POST: SUMMER STUDENT PROGRAM: Canada Post Summer Program provides a 4-month opportunity for students studying Business, Marketing, Communications or other related disciplines, to gain hands-on experience and develop their skills.

NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL (NRC): STUDENT EMPLOYMENT PROGRAM: The NRC recruits full-time students across multiple disciplines to work up to 4 months at the NRC research institute and corporate office. The opportunities provide practical career-related experience in research and development, library sciences, communications and marketing.

MINISTRY OF NORTHERN DEVELOPMENT AND MINES: SUMMER EXPERIENCE: Undergraduate students studying Earth Sciences, Geomatics, or related disciplines, are selected to fill summer Junior and Senior Assistant positions. Students will work for 12-14 weeks, supporting data collection, sample processing, and surficial investigations.