In January the Centre for European Studies hosted an event on multiculturalism in honor of the retirement of our Associate Director, Dr. Robert Gould.

The other participants in the event were:

Over the past decades, issues of migration, integration, cultural diversity, and religious pluralism have become major topics of political contention across Europe. In many European states, public discourse has shifted decisively against multiculturalism, and xenophobic (or anti-Muslim) political parties have emerged as significant political players. At the same time, cultural and religious diversity in European states continues to increase, European integration in moving into ever more sensitive policy areas (including migration), and transnational linkages across borders are growing ever more dense. In this light, what is the state of multiculturalism in Europe? Participants in the roundtable will present case studies from various parts of Europe, and discuss general tendencies in how European societies deal with issues of societal diversity.

We are now pleased to present a podcast done with Dr. Gould conducted by CES research assistant Anca Gurzu.

Interview with Dr. Robert Gould