Articles and book chapters

Achim Hurrelmann, Sarra Ben Khelil, Asif Hameed, Akaysha Humniski and Patrick Leblond (2022), “Did Brexit change perceptions of the EU and the UK in Canada? An analysis of Canadian newspaper commentaries”, Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, Early View, DOI: 10.1080/11926422.2022.2151483.

Achim Hurrelmann, Frédéric Mérand and Stephen E. White (2021), “Eurosphere or Anglosphere? Canadian public opinion on Brexit and the future of transatlantic relations”, Canadian Journal of Political Science 54(3), 571-592..

Achim Hurrelmann (2020), “Canada’s two Europes: Brexit and the prospect of competing transatlantic relationships”, in: Natalia Chaban, Arne Niemann and Johanna Speyer, eds., Changing Perspectives of the EU at Times of Brexit: Global Perspectives. London: Routledge, pp. 116-131.

Newspaper / journal op-eds

Frédéric Mérand (2020), “La souveraineté, gain symbolique du Royaume-Uni”, Le Devoir, December 29.

Achim Hurrelmann (2019), “Brexit election in the U.K. holds high stakes for Canada”, Ottawa Citizen, October 31.

Frédéric Mérand (2019), “Le Brexit, une question politique au Canada”, Le Devoir, November 2.

J. Denis Clark (2019), “Canadian researchers will be exposed to Brexit’s after-effects”, University Affairs, December 16.

Policy briefs / commentary

François Gionet (2022), “Note de synthèse – Les relations Canada-UE post-Brexit”, Policy Brief, Fall 2022.

Frédéric Mérand, Achim Hurrelmann, Stephen White, Petra Dolata, and Patrick Leblond (2020), “Canada’s Brexit politics: Anglosphere or Eurosphere?”, Commentary (November 23, 2020), UK in a Changing Europe.

Achim Hurrelmann (2019), “Canadian public opinion on Brexit”, EU Policy Brief No. 1 (November 2019), Centre for European Studies, Carleton University.

Research report

Nanos Research (2019), “Over half of Canadians say Canada should prioritize relations with EU after Brexit for a number of policy fields”, Public opinion survey on Canadian attitudes towards Brexit and Canada-Europe relations, October 2019. This survey of 1013 randomly selected Canadians, 18 years or older, was commissioned by our project.

Twitter feed

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