Grant Recipients 2021-2022:

Alexandra Chronopoulos, M.A. (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs)

Elena Kaliberda, Ph.D. (Department of Journalism and Communication)

Alexander Sawicki, M.A. (Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies)

Grant Recipients 2019-2020:

Denis Dyomkin, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2018-2019:

Bridget Healy, M.A. (EURUS)

Akaysha Humniski, Ph.D. (Department of Political Science)

Carlos Vervloet, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2017-2018:

Angelos Bakoulas, M.A. (Department of Political Science)

Christina Caouette, M.A. (EURUS)

Alexandra Dauncey-Elwood, M.A. (Department of Political Science)

Stuart Strang, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2016-2017:

Jarred Cohen, M.A. (EURUS)

Maria Colja, M.A. (EURUS)

Elena Kaliberda, Ph.D. (Journalism and Communication)

Patrick Mayangi, M.A. (EURUS)

Andrada Mihai, M.A. (EURUS)

Veselin Stoyanov, M.A. (EURUS)

A list of grant recipients for 2004-2016 is available here.

CES activities are supported, in part, by grants from the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

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