Grant Recipients 2021-2022:

Alexandra Chronopoulos, M.A. (Norman Paterson School of International Affairs)

Elena Kaliberda, Ph.D. (Department of Journalism and Communication)

Eric Maclean, M.A. (Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies)

Alexander Sawicki, M.A. (Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies)

Grant Recipients 2019-2020:

Denis Dyomkin, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2018-2019:

Bridget Healy, M.A. (EURUS)

Akaysha Humniski, Ph.D. (Department of Political Science)

Carlos Vervloet, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2017-2018:

Angelos Bakoulas, M.A. (Department of Political Science)

Christina Caouette, M.A. (EURUS)

Alexandra Dauncey-Elwood, M.A. (Department of Political Science)

Stuart Strang, M.A. (EURUS)

Grant Recipients 2016-2017:

Jarred Cohen, M.A. (EURUS)

Maria Colja, M.A. (EURUS)

Elena Kaliberda, Ph.D. (Journalism and Communication)

Patrick Mayangi, M.A. (EURUS)

Andrada Mihai, M.A. (EURUS)

Veselin Stoyanov, M.A. (EURUS)

A list of grant recipients for 2004-2016 is available here.

CES activities are supported, in part, by grants from the European Union’s Erasmus+ Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport.

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