Research Groups

The activities of the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence at Carleton University are focused on three thematic priority areas:

  1. EU external relations: This module examines EU policies that aim at enhancing the EU’s global and regional role. These include the EU’s strategic partnerships as a tool of its foreign policy, with a particular focus on the EU’s relations with North American partners (Canada, the US, Mexico), on the one hand, and the BRICS countries (especially Russia and China) on the other. Module leader: Professor Joan DeBardeleben.
  2. EU economic governance: This module examines EU policies in the economic realm, focusing on Economic and Monetary Union as well as trade policy (including the CETA and TTIP agreements). Attention is devoted not only to the substance of EU policies but also to decision-making processes in EU institutions and broader public debates in the member states. Module leaders: Professor Patrick Leblond and Professor Crina Viju.
  3. Migration and identity in the EU: This module examines how the EU and its member states deal with the challenges associated with human mobility and migration. Issues examined include EU policies towards refugees, the securitization and externalization of EU migration policy, dealing with internal mobility as part of the free movement rights of EU citizens, the integration of immigrants into the societies of EU member states, as well as issues of collective identity. Module leaders: Professor James Casteel and Professor Martin Geiger.