EU Learning is a project of the Centre for European Studies (CES). For the period 2019-2021, the EU Learning is supported by a grant from the EU’s Erasmus+ Programme for Education, Training, Youth and Sport, under the Jean Monnet Project “Studying EU in Canadian High Schools” and by Carleton University.

The project aims at promoting a broader and deeper awareness and understanding of European integration and of the EU among high school students in Ottawa region. Most activities are run primarily by MA students who specialize in EU Studies, overseen by faculty members at Carleton University.

The project serves several purposes. First, it seeks to engage young people at an early age, sparking their interest in pursuing study or work relating to the EU on a lifetime basis. Second, by engaging teachers, the project aims to assure that high school students receive a well-informed and accurate introduction to EU affairs, which is presented in a way that is relevant to the Canadian experience. Third, the project seeks to provide curricular materials that will match provincial requirements and in this way increase the likelihood of their integration into the mainstream of educational planning in high school classes. In addition, tools used in the high school project are also of value for beginning university students or those young people already in the workforce because they present material about the EU in an age-appropriate form.

Visit the project’s official website here.

Jean Monnet activities are supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and by Carleton University.