Publications and audiovisual material supported by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (2019-22 funding period)

EU Policy Briefs:

“European digital sovereignty: Combining self-interest with due diligence”, EU Policy Brief #5, by Annegret Bendiek (Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, Berlin), December 2020.

European citizenship outside of European Union: How to make it relevant to all mobile Europeans, EU Policy Brief #4, by Agnieszka Weinar (Carleton University), July 2020.

EU cyber defense, EU Policy Brief #3, by Didier Danet, Stéphane Taillat, & Julien Nocetti (Military Academy of Saint-Cyr, France), March 2020

The priorities of the new European Commission, EU Policy Brief #2, by Anca Gurzu (POLITICO Europe), November 2019

Canadian public opinion on Brexit, EU Policy Brief #1, by Achim Hurrelmann (Carleton University), October 2019

Research briefs:

EU and AI: EU Identity and “Systemic Rivalry” Commentary by Robert Gould (Carleton University), February 2021.

EU digital autonomy, sovereignty and identity in the time of COVID-19, Commentary by Robert Gould (Carleton University), July 2020.

Democratic dilemmas: Dealing with Alternative für Deutschland and Vox España, Commentary by Robert Gould (Carleton University), February 2020

Multimedia presentations:

The New European Commission, EU Policy Interview with Anca Gurzu, Politico Europe, conducted November 28, 2019

The Business of CETA Two Years In, video recording of roundtable with Mark Camilleri (Canada-EU Trade and Investment Association), Greg Eston (Kuriyama Canada), Geneviève Gougeon (Global Affairs Canada), Maud Labat (EU Delegation to Canada), Natacha Mignon (Immetis Legal Services), Don Paauwe (Canuck Dispensing Equipment BV), and Stephen Tapp (Export Development Canada), March 9, 2020

Publications supported by the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence (2016-19 funding period)

Journal special issue:

Special issue: EU Trade Policy in the 21st Century, Special Issue of the Journal of European Public Policy, guest editors: Patrick Leblond and Crina Viju-Miljusevic, December 2019.

Research briefs:

Commentary: “Vox España, an Alternative for Spain: Nationalism, Opposition to the European Union and Proposals for a “Spexit”, by Robert Gould, Carleton University, February 2019.

Commentary: “An Alternative Identity for Germany in the 21st Century”, by Robert Gould, Carleton University, February 2018.

Policy Brief: “Sanctions as a Bone of Contention in the EU-Germany-US-Russia Quadrilateral” by Hannes Adomeit, University of Kiel, Germany, December 2017

Policy Brief: “The Russia Factor in European Security: Back to the Future?” by Marie Raquel Freire, University of Coimbra, Portugal, August 2017.

Policy Brief: “International Cyber Policy and Transatlantic Relations” by Annegret Bendiek and Ben Wagner, Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik (SWP) Berlin, July 2017.

Policy Brief: “NATO in the Post-Crimea Era” by Elinor Sloan, Carleton University, June 2017.

Policy Brief: “The EU’s “Energy Union“: A Challenge of Continued Expectation Management” by Severin Fischer, Center for Security Studies ETH Zürich, June 2017.

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