The Jean Monnet Chair in EU Relations with Russia and the Eastern Neighborhood (EUREAST), Carleton University, has the pleasure of announcing the release of a new book: EU-Russia Relations in Crisis: Understanding Diverging Perceptions.

This volume brings together scholars from Russia, the European Union, and Canada to explore the manner in which the EU-Russia relationship is viewed by both sides, with attention to a range of issues, including interaction in the shared neighbourhood, economics and trade, energy relations, human rights, human mobility and visa issues,  and approaches to multilateralism.  In the final chapter, the editors explore paths out of the current stalemate, which will require both a long term vision and an attempt to reconstruct elements of a shared narrative. They conclude that while ‘there is little ground for optimism today’, analysts should embrace the task of better understanding ‘the complexity of the process and that role that images play’ in driving the relationship (p. 243).

Further information about the book is available on the publisher’s website.

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