EURUS Graduate Student Alexander Sawicki produced our latest EU Policy Brief, which discusses the shortcomings of the Ontario legislature’s previous attempts at e-waste management, and suggests adopting certain policy initiatives that have been implemented to great effect in the EU more than a decade prior. For instance, it is recommended that Ontario seriously consider drafting similar eco-design and right-to-repair legislation in-line with extant EU standards, thus leveraging the EU’s significant economic and normative power in order to ensure widespread compliance from producing firms. Moreover, it would open the domestic market to more sustainably designed goods which are currently widely available in the European market, and thus incentivize domestic producers to innovate along sustainable lines as they compete for market share.

Please read the policy brief here.

Alexander Sawicki is a Graduate Student in the European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies MA program offered by Carleton University. His research interests include EU-Canada relations, international trade policy, and the rise of ethnopopulism and Euroscepticism in former Soviet satellite states.

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