Commentary: Deepening the ‘Brussels Effect’ to avoid Dystopia: Ethics and the Globalisation of EU Identity and Influence (June 2021) by Robert Gould

Commentary: EU and AI: EU Identity and “Systemic Rivalry” (February 2021) by Robert Gould


Commentary: EU Digital Autonomy, Sovereignty and Identity in the Time of COVID-19 (July 2020) by Robert Gould

Commentary: Democratic Dilemmas: Dealing with Alternative für Deutschland and Vox España (February 2020) by Robert Gould


Commentary: “Vox España, an Alternative for Spain: Nationalism, Opposition to the European Union and Proposals for a “Spexit” (February 2019) by Robert Gould


Commentary: “An Alternative Identity for Germany in the 21st Century” (February 2018) by Robert Gould


Commentary: The Juncker Commission Faces Euroscepticism (December 2014) by Frédéric Mérand


Commentary: Governing Social Policy in Multi-Level Systems: Emerging Literature (and Critiques) of Social Policy in the EU and Canada (September 2013) by Ivan F. Dumka

Commentary and Literature Review: The Europeanization of the Intersectional Approach to Combating Discrimination: Debates, Policies and Institutional Changes (August 2013) by Kaisa Vuoristo

Commentary: Seven Presentations in Three European Countries on my Comparative Governance Research: What did I learn? (May 2013) by Donna Wood


Commentary: Nobel Peace Prize for the European Union (December 2012) by Achim Hurrelmann

Commentary: Coordination Through the Crisis: The State of Research on Coordinated Wage-Setting and the Social Partnership (August 2012) by Ivan F. Dumka

Commentary: EU Emissions Trading Scheme: Problems presented to Canada (April 2012) by Armand de Mestral and Tanveer Ahmad


Commentary: European Union and Inuit Circumpolar Council: Prospects for a Common Arctic Vision (November 2011) by Erica Dingman

Commentary: Next step for the EU? Reducing its own Arctic Footprint (November 2011) by Sandra Cavalieri

Commentary: Changing Canada: Canada-EU Free Trade (May 2011) by Robert Hage

Commentary: The EU Strategy for Central Asia (April 2011), by Numan Qardash

Commentary: Rethinking Foreign Ownership: the Key to Opening Transatlantic Skies (April 2011) by Mark Glynn and Armand de Mestral

Commentary: Investment and the Canada-EU Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement: the oil sands controversy (April 2011) by Lorand Bartels and Caroline Henckels

Commentary: Canada-Europe Free Trade: The economic sovereignty of Quebec (and other provinces) is not threatened! (February 2011) by Jason Langrish and Patrick Leblond (Also published in French under the title Libre-échange Canada-Europe: La souverainteté économique dy Québec (et des autres provinces) n’est pas menacée!)


Commentary: Canada and the EU: A Review of the Literature from 1982 to 2010 (December 2010) by Donna E. Wood and Amy Verdun

Commentary: Free trade with Europe will not destroy 150,000 jobs (November 2010) by Patrick Leblond

Commentary: Sky-high: Charges on Canadian Air Services through the Gold-plated Roof (April 2010) by Mark Glynn


Commentary: Canada and the EU towards an international standoff? The increasingly troublesome Czech visa saga (September 2009) by Oliver Schmidtke

Commentary: Europeanizing Canada’s Citizenship Regime? (May 2009) by Inder Marwah and Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Commentary: The euro is ten years old! (January 2009) by Patrick Leblond (Published also in French under the title L’euro a dix ans!)


Commentary: Open Skies Negotiations between Canada and the EU (October 2008) by Armand de Mestral

Commentary: The Charge of the Lite Brigade: the EU in Afghanistan (October 2008) by David Long

Commentary: EU-Canada Economic Partnership: Where Next? (October 2008) by Kurt Hübner and Armand de Mestral

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