On October 3, CFICE’s Bessa Whitmore was a guest speaker for a second year undergrad course on Research Methods at Dalhousie University’s School of Social Work. During this talk, Bessa shared some of her own experiences with community-campus engagement (CCE) work, including some of the opportunities and challenges she’s encountered. The goal was to provide the students with some tips and pointers on community-first CCE before they themselves dive into community work.

According to Bessa, the whole idea of research is new to most students in second year university, so she started her talk with an introduction to broaden their understanding of what research is, or can be (beyond statistics, which is what most undergrads – at least in social work – think research is).

Check out the slides from Bessa’s talk by clicking on the image below.

PowerPoint title slide reading: "Research Partnerships with Community Groups: Challenges and Opportunities".