Over the course of 2016, CFICE’s hubs engaged in a systematic evaluation to figure out what we’ve learned from Phase I of CFICE. This evaluation report synthesizes and summarizes the findings from the Community Environmental Sustainability (CES) Ottawa Hub, lead by Patricia Ballamingie at Carleton University.

The creation of this report involved significant effort on the part of many participants. The authors would therefore like to express sincere gratitude for the time and insights provided by their core community partners (which includes broader teams from all the partnerships, but notably, Rebecca Aird and Chris Osler from SLOE, John Karau and Jason Garlough from OETN, and Joan Kuyek and Bessa Whitmore from the GottaGo! Campaign).

To read the full report, click on the image of the report below.

Title page of the "Community Environmental Sustainability (Ottawa) Hub Evaluation Synthesis Report".