On January 18 and 19, 2017, representatives from each of CFICE’s Phase I hubs and Phase II working groups, came together in Ottawa to discuss the findings of the project to date. The event celebrated CFICE’s impact in communities across Canada and also looked at what recommendations could be carried forward in Phase II to improve community-campus engagement work nationally.

While results from the event are still being processed, we are happy to share the symposium backgrounder report. This report provides a brief overview of the lessons CFICE has learned through its hub work in Phase I. It highlights a few impacts CFICE has had, and it provides preliminary descriptions of how CFICE plans to act on these lessons in Phase II.

An incredible amount of work went into preparing this report. We would particularly like to thank our Evaluation and Analysis Working Group RA, Magda Goemans, who read through over 200 pages of evaluation data reports like this one, to synthesize the information into this short, 20-page document for your consumption.

Click on the image below to download the report. Happy reading!

Title page of CFICE Evaluation Synthesis Backgrounder, prepared for CFICE's January 2017 Symposium.