On behalf of all of us at ICSLAC, some sincere congratulations to Marie-Catherine Allard, Patricia Bérubé and Victoria Nolte, who are graduating from the Cultural Mediations PhD program. You should stand proud of your academic achievements and scholarly contributions. With much gratitude as well to their Supervisors for their mentoring and guidance.

Best of wishes to you three, Drs. Allard, Bérubé and Nolte! 


Dissertation: Reshaping Memory: Counter-narratives in Kindertransport Literature

Supervisor: Dr. Sarah Casteel

Dissertation: Towards a more inclusive museum: developing multi-sensory approaches to the visual arts for visually impaired audiences

Co-supervisors: Drs. Lois Frankel and Jesse Stewart

Dissertation: One Place and Another: Worldmaking in Asian Canadian Contemporary Art

Co-Supervisors: Drs. Sarah Casteel and Ming Tiampo