Sprott School of Business 

The Sprott School of Business is dedicated to providing innovative programs, conducting leading interdisciplinary research and developing meaningful collaborative partnerships.  Sprott brings together faculty with research interests aligning with our core strengths in innovation, responsible management and international focus.  Its location in Canada’s capital makes it an ideal research location to engage with government and non-government organizations in the capital region. The Fulbright Visiting Research Chair(s) will have opportunities to deliver public lectures, give seminar presentations, guest-lecture in an appropriate class, participate in conferences and related research, and otherwise contribute to the intellectual life of the university. The Chair(s) will be an established or emerging scholar broadly situated in the fields of business analytics, entrepreneurship and/or other business-related fields. Applicants of the Chair in Business Analytics are expected to conduct research in the application of data science in business such as data-driven decision making and leadership. Applicants of the Chair in Entrepreneurship will conduct research in entrepreneurial strategies, start-ups, marketing, private-public partnerships, technology, economic and social entrepreneurship, enhancing institutional frameworks for the facilitation of entrepreneurship, and other relevant areas.


Business Analytics: data-driven decision making and leadership, data strategy, use, impact and management of analytics in organization.
Entrepreneurship: entrepreneurial strategies, private-public partnerships, social entrepreneurship, and other relevant areas.