The Office of the Deputy Provost (Academic Operations and Planning) includes Faculty Affairs, academic labour relations, and strategic and budget planning.

The role of Faculty Affairs is to help navigate the policies, procedures and systems for academic careers. We have developed a variety of tools and resources to help you discharge your responsibilities. However, your first point of contact is typically your Dean/the University Librarian and the Faculty Coordinator / Executive Administrator (with whom we work closely). We hope that the following list of key tools and resources is helpful to you.

1. Websites, Websites, Websites

View of river beside Carleton's campusThe Deputy Provost’s public website includes a listing of all current academic job opportunities, general information for candidates and onboarding for new academics.

Aerial view of Carleton campusThe Deputy Provost’s intranet site is accessible to Carleton employees and here you can find further resources for hiring committees and various administrative forms (see Forms below).

View of quad on Carleton's campusThe Faculty Affairs Toolkit is available to Academic Heads and Departmental Administrators and provides checklists, memo templates and manuals for our Faculty Banner systems.

2. Administrative Forms

  • On the Deputy Provost’s website, we have forms for various career events, including parental leave, cross appointments, joint institutes, honorary ranks, visiting professors.
  • On the Faculty Affairs Toolkit, we have forms for administrative functions, including access to systems and requests for Banner IDs.

3. Banner

There are three Faculty Banner systems: the Course e-Contract System, Faculty e-Hires System and the (national award-winning!) E-Leaves System. All manuals are available in the Faculty Affairs Toolkit. Approvals are generally under the Faculty Admin tab (not Faculty Services). A separate system, the comprehensive TPA system, manages awards, confirmation, tenure and promotion.

4. Reports

You can run both individual and collective reports to support decision-making on academic careers for your Academic Unit and a full listing of all reports is available. For example, the Faculty Profile provides a summary of all data captured in Banner for CUASA academics.

5. cuCollab

This document repository includes a history of all career letters issued from the Provost/Deputy Provost to the academics and postdoctoral fellows in your unit.

6. Key Dates and Deadlines

We’ve posted a list of dates from the CU/CUASA collective agreement, which include the requirements for Sabbatical, Confirmation, Tenure, and Promotion and CDIs. Formal announcements from the Provost/Deputy Provost will also be issued to the community. Talk to your Dean’s office about further directions, workshops, and other resources for these key processes.

7. Awards, Awards, Awards

Each year, Carleton offers many awards to recognize excellence. In your leadership role, please watch for these announcements, share them widely and consider nominating your colleagues in your unit and beyond.

8. Academic Hiring Training

Committee Chairs and Administrators are invited to attend our monthly Equitable and Inclusive Academic Hiring Practices workshops hosted in partnership with Equity and Inclusive Communities. We are always available to answer questions about our systems and resources.

9. More Training

Academic Heads are invited to attend the Academic Heads Roundtables hosted by the Office of the Deputy Provost in partnership with the Office of Quality Initiatives. Departmental Administrators are invited to attend the Departmental Administrators Roundtables (DART) hosted by the Office of the Provost. External training is also available through the Centre for Higher Education Research and Development (CHERD).

10. Filing

Do you have burning filing questions?  Please see our Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions.

Questions, Comments or Suggestions

At any time, please do not hesitate to contact us: Norah Vollmer, Manager, Faculty Affairs x 4156 or Greg Skazyk, Faculty Systems Functional Analyst x 8484. We are always happy to help.