The TA Management System (TMS) allows departments to create a TA assignment based on the TA’s strengths which are identified in the TA’s profile. TA’s complete their Grad Profile, review and accept TA Assignments and Assignment of Duties through Carleton Central.

To access the TMS, click the “Graduate TA Management System” link found under the Student Support Services Menu in Carleton Central.

There are three steps you will need to complete prior to starting your TA assignment:

Step 1: Complete the Graduate TA Profile

Please complete the Grad Profile as soon, and as accurately, as possible. It is imperative that TAs complete their profile as the information will be considered by schools and departments when creating TA assignments.

Similar to the information found on a resume or CV, the Grad Profile will contain specific information such as course preferences, skills, and areas of interest that a TA will bring to their role as TA. Furthermore, TAs will indicate employment and education history including any TA previous experience. TAs will have the option to identify concerns regarding scheduling conflicts or any personal issues the TA wishes to disclose.

In order for TAs to receive assignments best suited to their level of skill and experience, it is strongly suggested that TAs revisit the Grad Profile page on a regular basis to update the Grad Profile.

Step 2: Accept your TA Assignments

The department or school administrator will create an assignment which the TA will be made available for the TA to review and accept in Carleton Central on the “Graduate TA Assignments” page. Where a TA cannot accept an assignment due to scheduling conflicts, the TA will be required to contact their department or school to discuss available options.

Step 3: Accept your Assignment of Duties

TAs and TA Supervisors are required to complete and sign off on the Assignment of Duties form in Carleton Central.

Assignment of Duty forms that have been completed and signed off by a TA Supervisor will become available to the TA in Carleton Central for review and sign off.  The form will be accessible in the “Graduate TA Assignments” page of the “Graduate TA Management System” menu in Carleton Central.

TAs will be required to review and sign off each assignment by term.

Completing the online Assignment of Duties form will ensure that the TA, the TA Supervisor, and the University are all informed of the expected duties to be performed.

For any inquiries regarding the TA Management System, such as completing your TA profile or accepting your assignment, please reach out to