1. Welcome to Carleton University
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    1. What is Onboarding?
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Welcome to Carleton University

As an academic at Carleton University, you hold various roles as an employee, a teacher, and a researcher (faculty).

Onboarding at Carleton truly begins during your interview phase as you receive important information and meet key contacts. After you sign your letter of offer, various offices will be reaching out to welcome you and offer their support. If you are new to Ottawa, we can also help with relocation and, for those new to Canada, we also provide immigration support. Ongoing onboarding activities typically take place throughout your first year of employment.

This section provides information and resources on Carleton’s Onboarding program for new Academic staff (including Faculty, Instructors, and Librarians). The overall goal of Carleton’s Onboarding program is to align new employees with the University’s culture, aspiration statements, and values. It also focuses on strengthening the new hire’s connection to the organization and its people.

Key Documents

There are several key documents that you should review before you begin your appointment that will continue to be useful to you during your time at Carleton. Among others, these include:

Please check with your Academic Unit for other documents that may be relevant to your role.

Your Computer Accounts

Typically, more detailed information about computer accounts, etc. will be provided after your start date. However, you may choose to inquire about earlier access as appropriate, about MyCarletonOne (MC1) login for email and computer access.

Information for New Academic Hires

In collaboration with Human Resources, we have prepared information that consolidates all of the key onboarding initiatives (and their responsible offices) that a new academic staff member should participate in. It is our hope that this resource facilitates a thorough, coordinated, and cohesive onboarding experience for all new academic staff at Carleton. In doing so, this not only ensures their success, but also the success of their students, their department/academic unit, their faculty, and the university as a whole.

Aerial photo of Carleton campus

Aerial photo of Carleton campus

Aerial photo of Carleton campus

Aerial photo of Carleton campus

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Onboarding?

The terms Orientation and Onboarding are often used interchangeably. These two terms are related, but have different meanings:

Note About Onboarding For Professional Services Staff

For new professional services staff, the manager and team members are largely responsible for their onboarding and integration into the unit, department, and culture. Guidance and resources for onboarding new professional services staff can be found on the New Employee Onboarding page on the Human Resources Intranet.