By Alexandra Sebben

Carleton University’s Banu Örmeci, professor in the research-intensive Faculty of Engineering and Design with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was named a Fellow of the International Water Association (IWA) at a nomination ceremony in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2022.

IWA Fellows are members of a unique community comprising global water professionals with international recognition, known for their guidance and leadership in the world of water science, technology and management in the water sector. Professor Örmeci has held other distinguished titles, including: the Jarislowsky Chair in Water and Health, Canada Research Chair in Wastewater and Public Health Engineering, and the Director of the Global Water Institute, making her a clear candidate for an IWA fellow nomination.

Professor Banu Ormeci, Jarislowsky Chair in Water and Global Health, and Canada Research Professor in Wastewater and Public Health Engineering.

Members of the IWA are nominated and elected by existing IWA Members who do not have any prior affiliation with the individual, rather selected based on their long-term (over 10 years) outstanding global contribution to the water sector. As a Fellow, Professor Örmeci will serve as an IWA Fellow for a minimum of five years and will provide leadership and mentorship to a multi-disciplinary community, who lead cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs and technological developments in the field of water science.

Water is essential — it is life,” says Örmeci. “For almost 18 years, I have lead vital water-focused projects and collaborated with other researchers to help develop sustainable and appropriate solutions to the world’s water challenges. I am honoured to be named an IWA Fellow and will continue my commitment to help address pressing water issues in Canada and abroad.”

The IWA is a global organization made up of an inter-disciplinary network of over 10,000 members and over 500 companies that help water professionals deliver innovative, pragmatic, and sustainable solutions to challenge global needs. The IWA was established in 1999 and contains expert knowledge in the areas of research, practice, regulation, engineering, consulting, industry, and manufacturing.

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