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ESP Advising Bulletin: Fall 2023 registration edition

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Hello everyone,

We hope you are enjoying the lovely weather. Congratulations to all of you who have already earned admission to a degree program! And good luck to everyone who is still waiting on a decision and/or working toward that goal. We’re rooting for all of you!

Below is the information you need to know about next fall.

Degree admission: Offers still rolling in

The admissions office is busily working through applications for Fall 2023.

  • If you haven’t heard back by the end of May and believe you have met the criteria for degree admission, let us know and we can follow up.
  • If you’re taking summer courses to qualify, let us know when your grades are in and we can crunch the numbers to see if you have qualified.
  • If you haven’t applied yet; follow these instructions, or make an appointment with an advisor and we can help.

Fall Registration Information

Fall registration begins in late-June/early-July. Note: If you are taking summer courses to qualify for a program, you will be registering after your grades are in and you have been admitted to a degree. 

Registration steps

  1. Accept your offer of Admission
    In order to register you first need to accept your offer of admission in Carleton360. View your offer and then follow the instructions to accept your offer.
  2. How to register
    The Registrar’s Office provides registration instructions in handy how-to videos and on their Registration website.

    • Use your Audit to figure out which classes you should take.
    • Once the schedule is released (coming June 1st!), you will be able to build and save a draft worksheet and be ready when your time ticket comes up.
  3. Time Tickets
    Info about what a “time ticket is” and the schedule will be posted here.  You will be able to check in Carleton Central when your time ticket is on or after June 15th. Click here for a detailed how-to.
  4. Course Selection Advice
    • The Academic Advising Centre has advisors who are experts on graduation and program requirements. Here is a useful link from their website on how to read an Audit (you have an Admissions Audit in Carleton Central with your offer of Admission).
    • Each department has a departmental advisor who can help with questions specific to courses in your major (including course advice, coop and practicum advice). Follow this link to find out who the departmental advisor for your new major is:
    • If you’re in engineering, please see below
      A couple of ESP related tips:
    • If you are in a program with a Breadth requirement, you may want to email the Registrar to request that your FYSM counts toward one of the breath categories. Not sure which it would qualify for? Email us for advice.
    • Some classes next year require second year standing, while others just require the first year intro course as a prerequisite. Once you have successfully completed 4.0 credits, you will have second year standing.
      • If you do not have 2nd year standing, and can not add a course as a result, you can try asking the department for permission to take a course by completing a Registration Override Request and see what they say.
  5. Finally, bookmark the Dates and Deadlines page.
    • It has all the info you need on payment deadlines, withdrawal deadlines, term start dates, PMC registration deadlines, exam dates, university holidays, and more!

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Attend our ESP to Degree Fall Transition Workshop: Tuesday, June 6th @ 11:00 am

Looking for supports that are similar to ESP’s workshops and coaching? Wondering which courses to choose next year? Or unsure how to use the Registration tools? We’ll review what you need to know as you move from ESP to your degree program. Even if you’re still waiting on your admission, please join us to preview what’s ahead.

ESP to Degree Fall Transition Workshop

  • Tuesday, June 6 @ 11:00 am in room 252 MacOdrum Library offered hyflex (i.e., you can join us in person or online). The session will run approximately 1.5 hrs.


  • Carleton’s Student Academic Success Centre: academic supports beyond ESP
  • Academic Advising Centre: how to choose your classes/read an audit
  • Student Registration Assistance team: registration tips, tricks and help

Please RSVP and indicate whether you’re attending in person or via Zoom. We hope to see you there!


Accepted to Engineering?

Engineering has its own registration site and degree specific advising and supports. Visit their site here and check out their student support page.

Your admission audit might not recognize all the courses you have taken right away.

  • Each year, ESP has to send a list of students who have been admitted to Engineering and request an Audit adjustment to recognize the FYSM and CHEM courses.
  • Stay tuned; we are in the middle of that process and it takes some time for the adjustment to happen.

Engineering registration →

Academic & social supports after ESP

Academic Supports

  • The Centre for Student Academic Support offers a variety of online workshops and one-on-one supports for students. Check out their website for details.
  • You can also find supports within departments, such as:
  • Students with disabilities should register with the Paul Menton Centre each term so that your PMC Coordinator can arrange for accommodations with your new set of Instructors.

Social & cultural supports

  • Carleton’s Students Association (CUSA) runs many clubs and societies. Check out the Directory (clubs list) on their website.
  • The Student Experience Office runs many social events and activities throughout the year – check out their campus activity board.
  • Join an Intramural league: Ultimate, Soccer, Football, Adaptive Boccia and more!
  • For Afro-Caribbean and Black students: Umoja an initiative dedicated to the academic, professional, and personal empowerment of the Ottawa regions’ African, Caribbean, and Black (ACB) communities.
  • For Indigenous students: the Centre for Indigenous Initiatives and activities in Ojigkwanong (the Indigenous student lounge) in 228 Paterson Hall.


As a returning student, you can apply for a bursary (money awarded based on financial need) in the fall to be awarded in January. Unlike loans, you don’t have to repay bursaries. If you qualify for OSAP, odds are good that you’d qualify for a bursary – apply every year! The annual deadline is October 31st.

See more information on the Awards office website.

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Not yet qualified for a degree?

If you haven’t yet earned the GPA or number of credits you need for degree admission, you have a couple options about how to continue your studies this fall:

Returning to ESP

  • Apply to return to ESP: for the fall or fall/winter terms. (Note: students who started in January do not need to reapply. Just contact us to request a return.)
  • Deadline to apply is June 15, but may be extended, space permitting.
  • Full time: three courses per term plus two workshops. (If you successfully completed a FYSM, you can take a course of your choosing in its place.)
  • May be OSAP eligible. OSAP will only normally fund eligible ESP students for a maximum of three terms. Awards can answer your OSAP inquiries.
  • Can apply for bursaries and/or bank student lines of credit.

Special student studies

  • Fill out the Special Student Application to request to be switched to a Special Student for Fall.
  • Part-time study: can take a maximum of 1.0 credit per term.
  • Can register in courses that have space available and that you have the prerequisite for.
  • Fall course registration begins August 3rd.
  • Not OSAP eligible.

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