Carleton University in cooperation with the Russia-Canada Business Council hosts this contest for all Canadian students studying Russian.

The purpose of the contest is to generate interest among students in appreciation of the relationship between our countries; to celebrate Russian-Canadian heritage and the diversity of cultures and languages in Canada; and to provide an opportunity for students to showcase their knowledge of the Russian language, literature and history. The contest invites both native speakers and non-native Russian speakers to participate in two categories with several topics to choose from. Another wonderful aspect of this contest is there is no limit on the age of contestants or the duration of time learning Russian! students from Canadian schools and universities, language schools and Russian learning centers, who are studying the Russian language, are invited to participate in this contest. Our esteemed judges are leading experts in the field of the Russian language, literature and history from Russia and Canada. They will review the essays and then choose six winners (three in each category).

For more information on the results of 2019 Russian Writing Contest, Please Click Here.

Watch the video of our award ceremony from 2019 below!

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