Many of our graduates have found fulfilling positions with organizations like Telefilm Canada, various film archives, film festivals, and film and television production companies, or they work as journalists, arts managers and independent artists.

The program also provides a solid preparation for students who intend to undertake graduate work in film and media studies, either at Carleton, through the M.A. in film and PhDs in Cultural Mediations and Canadian Studies, or at other institutions. One-third of all Honours students in Film Studies have gone on to graduate school.

Furthermore, our minor in Film Studies allows students from other disciplines to develop critical audiovisual literacy. Within a culture that is increasingly defined by its reliance on visual information, the comprehension of how meaning is produced through moving image media has become essential in diverse spheres of activity. Carleton’s Film Program has long played, and will continue to play, a leading role in giving students a solid education in a field recently singled out by Statistics Canada as the fastest-growing jobs sector in the economy.