Undergraduate students at Carleton can choose one of four tracks for pursuing a degree in Film Studies. Students may decide to ‘change their major’ to Film Studies if they were originally admitted into another degree program (or undeclared). Film Studies majors may also change tracks over the course of their degree.

The four tracks are:

  • BA Honours (4 year program, requires 9.0 Film Studies credits)
  • BA Combined Honours (4 year program, requires 7.0 Film Studies credits)
  • BA General (3 year program, 6.0 credits)
  • Minor (4.0 credits in Film Studies)

Program requirements as listed in the Undergraduate Calendar

We strongly recommend that students:

  • Regularly check the requirements for their degree program in the Undergraduate Calendar
  • Meet with the Undergraduate Administrator to check their audit once a year

Here are the courses we recommend that Film Majors take each year:


Core course:

FILM 1120 Seminar in Film Studies (0.5) or FILM 1101 Introduction to Film Studies (0.5)

FILM 1120 or FILM 1101 are prerequisites for many classes in Film Studies. Take one of them in your first year to make sure you can take the classes you want later on. (If you took FILM 1000 in a previous year, please contact Undergraduate Administrator Elise Durand (Elise.Durand@carleton.ca)

Film majors are strongly encouraged to enrol in FILM 1120, so that they have the opportunity to have a small, seminar-style class in their first year and get to know the rest of their cohort.

If you take FILM 1120 or FILM 1101 in the fall, you can enroll in “second year” Film electives in the winter of your first year!

Other courses to take during your first year:

We strongly recommend: ENGL 1010 Writing an English Essay or ENGL 1020 Effective Writing

Work on fulfilling your breadth requirements. Film studies counts as Breadth Area 1: Culture and Communication, so you will need courses in two other areas.

Are there other subjects you’re curious about? This is your opportunity to learn more about them!


Core courses:


FILM 2001 Film Theory and Analysis I (0.5) – offered only in the fall

FILM 2606 History of World Cinema I (0.5) – offered only in the fall


FILM 2002 Film Theory and Analysis II (0.5) – offered only in the winter (Film 2002 is a requirement for BA Honours and Combined Honours only)
FILM 2607 History of World Cinema II (0.5) – offered only in the winter

FS Electives:

See electives offerings here.

BA Honours and BA Combined Honours students are required to take these four core courses. BA General students are only required to take the history sequence (FILM 2606 and FILM 2607) and Film Theory and Analysis I (FILM 2001).

We strongly recommend taking these courses in your second year.


All Film Studies electives! See electives offerings here.

If you’re doing the BA General, make sure to meet with the Undergraduate Administrator at the beginning of the academic year to review your audit and make sure you have the credits you need to graduate.

FOURTH YEAR (BA Honours and Combined Honours Only)

Core course:

FILM 4001 Research and Critical Methodologies (0.5) – Fall only (required for BA Honours only)

FS Electives: See electives offerings here. 

Other:FILM 4805/4806/4809 Practicum in Film and Film Studies

The Practicum offers students practical film- and media-related experience, providing opportunities to work with Ottawa area arts institutions, companies, and associations. For more information, go to the Practicum webpage. Note that you must apply to the Practicum via the Undergraduate Supervisor. The application deadlines are: Fall Practicum – August 22; Winter Practicum – November 21; Summer Practicum – March 31.