Carleton offers a rigorous, interdisciplinary undergraduate program in Film Studies. This rich and diverse program provides students with opportunities to think analytically, theoretically, and historically about a wide range of audiovisual forms, from cinema to television, new media, and video games. Students also learn to think critically and communicate clearly orally and in writing.

The core courses for Film majors include an introductory course, a two-semester sequence in film theory, and a two-semester sequence in the history of world cinema. Students also take a variety of electives in film authorship (e.g. Atom Egoyan, Abbas Kiarostami, women directors), film genre (e.g. horror, the action film), national and transnational cinema (e.g. cinemas of Africa, Canada, Japan, Scandinavia), video games, documentary, animation, gender and sexuality in cinema, and other topics. Courses in film and video practice are also offered regularly.

Students who wish to concentrate in Film Studies have four options:

  • Bachelor of Arts Honours (4 year program, requires 9.0 Film Studies credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts Combined Honours (4 year program, requires 7.0 Film Studies credits)
  • Bachelor of Arts (3 year program, 6.0 credits)
  • Minor (4.0 credits in Film Studies)
  • For more information on these requirements, click here.

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