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About the Program

“Every job that you do is meaningful in some way. You never know where it’s going to take you. Keep an open mind and make the most of the opportunities in front of you.”

– Jacob Crepeault, Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies (2018)

THE UNDERGRADUATE PRACTICUM (FILM 4805) offers fourth-year Honours BA students practical film- and media-related experience, providing opportunities to work with Ottawa-area arts institutions, companies, and associations. It gives students the opportunity to put the skills and knowledge they’ve learned at the university into practice, critically reflect on the work performed by local film and media institutions, and gain additional skills.

Many of our students have found jobs after graduation based on the experience, skills, and connections they developed during their Practicum experience.

NOTE: Placements in the practicum and internship program are not guaranteed, regardless of availability. You should always enrol in a back-up course in case you are not accepted into FILM 4805 or 5908.


We have Practicum opportunities available at the following organizations and are always cultivating new partnerships:

FILM FESTIVALS: Canadian Film Institute (run by a Carleton instructor!); Ottawa International Animation Festival (run by Carleton grads!); InsideOut Ottawa LGBT Film Festival; One World Film Festival; Digi60 Filmmakers’ Festival

ARCHIVES & MUSEUMS: Library and Archives Canada; Ingenium: Canada’s Museum of Science & Innovation; Carleton Audio-Visual Resource Centre (AVRC)

PRODUCTION RELATED: Digital Art Resource Centre (run by Carleton grads!); Independent Film Co-operative of Ottawa (run by a Carleton grad!); Ottawa Film Office.


  • Fourth-year standing
  • Minimum overall GPA 9.0 within Major
  • Students may only do a Practicum for one semester, earning 0.5 credits.
  • Students studying within the Post-Baccalaureate Diploma in Film Studies or on exchange at Carleton are not eligible for a Practicum.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall Practicum – August 20th
  • Winter Practicum – November 19th
  • Summer Practicum – March 18th

Before Applying

If you are interested in doing a Practicum, please read through the following documents:

Application Instructions

  1. Consult the available positions posted above and decide on your top three choices.
  2. Request an override for the course via Carleton Central.
  3. Prepare a resume tailored to the job description.
  4. Email application form and polished resume to Professor Aubrey Anable (aubrey.anable@carleton.ca) before the deadline.
  5. Once the applications have been received, I will suggest a match and forward your application to an institution.
  6. If the institution is interested, the on-site supervisor will interview you and contact me with their decision.
  7. If you are accepted, I will instruct the Undergraduate Administrator to approve your course override. You should then enroll in the course via Carleton Central.
  8. Meet with the on-site supervisor to determine your hours and core duties and to fill out the required forms. You must give the completed forms to the Undergraduate Administrator (SP 423 or email elise.durand@carleton.ca) no later than the first week of the semester.

Forms for starting a practicum:

Forms for wrapping up a practicum:

Program Contact

Professor Aubrey Anable
Undergraduate Supervisor, Practicum & Internship Coordinator

Note: Students must obtain health and safety training from their placement employer. Please report any health and safety concerns related to unpaid work placements to your departmental co-ordinator and the Office of Risk Management, at risk@carleton.ca.