The language support services (Services de soutien) offered by our department will start on Monday September 25th.

We will be offering the services in person (16th floor of Dunton Tower) and online (Zoom), make sure you explore our page to see what will be offering when/where.

Three services are offered by our TAs and open to all: drop-in oral support (conversation, activities; group or individual depending on who drops in); oral support by appointment; written support by appointment. The individual supports ask that you have a project you’re working on – this can be homework or any specific help you need with what is being covered in class, as well as papers and oral presentations, of course. The services are for all students in FREN classes, no matter what level.

All of the services are accessible on our Brightspace page, which you can “Discover” under the name “FRENCH – Services de soutien/Support Services”. You have to self-enroll on this page and then it will always be available on your Brightspace homepage.

On Brightspace, you will find the schedules for the services and the links to make your appointments.

You can watch our intro video here: Intro to French Department’s Support Services – Services de soutien

Don’t wait – self-enroll now and come visit us!