Carleton, c’est aussi le français à l’université.

Become bilingual

Become bilingual and discover the francophone world from a variety of critical perspectives. The Department of French offers a comprehensive approach to French Studies, geared to the interests and needs of both English and French speakers. Students can choose from a wide range of culturally grounded language courses, addressing all levels and targeting both oral and written proficiency. They can also engage in the critical study of French linguistics and French literatures through a structured sequence of courses spanning introductory classes and special topics.

French programs for a variety of interests

French programs at Carleton meet a variety of needs and interests. They include a four-year Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a focus on either French Linguistics or francophone literatures, a Combined Honours program for students interested in combining their studies in French with another discipline, and a Bachelor of Arts program usually completed in three years. A Combined Honours program in Journalism and French is available to students in the Bachelor of Journalism program. Carleton also offers a minor in French and a minor in Québec studies (four credits).

In the classroom and beyond…

French studies at Carleton are further enhanced by the many academic and cultural activities taking place in the classroom and beyond. Our students benefit from writing clinics and speakers’ series, and they can also join the Club francophone to participate in the various activities it organizes. In addition, Carleton University is ideally situated in the bilingual community of Ottawa-Gatineau, where students can experience the vitality of a French-speaking environment.

An exciting new world of ideas

Having a good command of French is of course a definite asset for careers in many fields, such as teaching, law, government, management, public relations and international affairs. For more common career opportunities, please visit:

Besides being one of Canada’s two official languages, French is also a world language with a rich cultural heritage across Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and the Caribbean.  The study of French at Carleton opens an exciting new world of ideas and possibilities.

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