Nipissing University will reserve 20 places each year for the graduates of the Carleton-Nipissing French as a second language specialization program in the consecutive BEd.

The requirements are:

  • Maintain a cumulative average of 70% on all university courses and a 75% average in their French courses
  • Have a minimum of 8 half year French courses, for the Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate division or Intermediate/Senior Divisions as a second teachable, (= 4 credits at FREN 1100 and up). OR have successfully completed a 3 year BA French major or combined major, for Intermediate/Senior Divisions French as a first teachable subject
  • Time in a French-speaking community is highly recommended, especially to those who do not have near native-like proficiency

Upon graduation at Nipissing, students will be qualified to teach French in the Ontario school system, a high demand profession.

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