Services de soutien

What are the Services de soutien?

The services are free to use for all Carleton students and include:

  • Soutien oral libre: a drop in, informal conversation group. This semester, we are offering tailored levels of drop-in oral support: one for FREN 1001-1002 students and one for FREN 1100+ students.
  • Soutien oral individuel:  one-on-one support for oral production. You should bring an assignment you are working on or have a specific issue/topic to work on. NOTE:  this can be done in pairs/small groups if you are working with one (or several) partner(s) on an assignment. Only one person can register for the appointment, but all group members can attend the meeting.
  • Soutien écrit: One-on-one support for written coursework. Remember to bring an assignment you are working on.

This service is available for all currently registered students in FREN classes, no matter what level.

You can make your appointments for the individual services here: The schedules and this link are all available on the Brightspace page.

There are two  ways to find the page:

  • Through the following link
  • Through the “Discover” option on the Brightspace homepage by looking up key words in the page title “FRENCH – Services de soutien/Support Services”

Once you reach the page, click “Enroll in Course”. This page will then be accessible from the “Student Support” tab of the Brightspace homepage (which will appear after the self-enrolment).

Don’t wait – self-enroll now!!

 Who can I contact if I have questions?
If you have any questions, contact

We look forward to seeing you in one or more of the services!
The Services de soutien team