Linguistics: a selection of faculty publications

Phonological Variation in French - Book cover Voix Autochtones dans les écrits de la Nouvelle-France - Book Cover
Vues Sur Les Français D'ici - Book Title A Grammar of Mambay - Book Title L’Aménagement linguistique en Haïti. Enjeux, Défis et Propositions - Book Title

Literature: a selection of faculty publications

Univers Intimes - Book Title Leir1s - Book Title Modernite En Transit - Book Title
Cahiers Leiris - Book Title Mobilités Culturelles - Book Title Tours et détours - Book Title

French as a second language: a selection of faculty publications

Au pied de la lettre - Book Title Entre les lignes - Book Title

 Research units

Two research units currently functioning within the department represent the various tendencies we have emphasized:

  • The Centre for Transnational Cultural Analysis. This unit is based in the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Culture (the PhD in Cultural Mediations) and brings together colleagues and students from the departments of French, English, Art History, Canadian Studies, Film, Music, as well as colleagues from the Universities of Ottawa and New Brunswick.
  • CALIFA: the Centre for the Analysis of French Languages and Literatures of the Americas. It brings together colleagues and students in French Literature, Linguistics and Theatre. Members of this Centre have research links with colleagues at the Université des Antilles et de la Guyane in Guadeloupe, the French Department of the University of Ottawa, the Centre for Creole Studies at the Université d’Aix, France, and the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Leeds, UK.

Both these research units have members who are working closely with the African Studies Committee of Carleton University and the Program for Latin American and Caribbean Studies (an interdisciplinary group, headed by Cristina Rojas from the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NIPSIA).

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