The minor in Québec Studies aims to help students develop intercultural awareness as well as knowledge and skills through an interdisciplinary understanding of Québec. Students will examine Québec through diverse perspectives, studying its history, literature, cinema, politics, and culture. At the same time, students will be expected to develop and improve their French language proficiency, providing with a much sought-out skill, while also facilitating various opportunities, such as a practicum, community engagement experience, Co-op education, and experiential learning opportunities. Such opportunities include an immersive Spring course held in Québec City.

Having in-depth knowledge of Québec is an excellent complement for a variety of programs, including Indigenous and Canadian Studies, French, History, Political Science, and Journalism, just to name a few. A minor in Québec Studies will be an asset to students seeking careers in the public service, global affairs, cultural industries, public relations, journalism, and education, among others, adding a stimulating and enriching option to your studies. The following article tells you a bit more about the Minor in Québec Studies at Carleton:

Offered jointly through the Department of French and the School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies, this minor is open to undergraduate degree students. Please see the undergraduate calendar for specific requirements, and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch.