Francine Benny

Instructor III

Degrees:Certificate in University Teaching; Certificate in College teaching; French Literature; M.A. in French Literature
Phone:613-520-2600 x 2179
Office:1610 Dunton Tower

Office Hours: on sabbatical from July 1st, 2023 until June 30, 2024


Before teaching at Carleton, I taught in several institutions, including Laval University and College de la Gaspésie et des Îles in Quebec. I was also an advisor in Lebanon at Collège du Saint-Coeur in Jbeil.

Research Interests

  • Symbolism of color in the 20th century novels.
  • Narcissism in the novel of the end of the 20th century and in the 21th century.
  • 17th century comedy, focusing on Molière.
  • The direct method in class and how to make it more effective.

2022-2023 Courses

  • FREN 2100E (Winter)
  • FREN 2203A (Fall)
  • FREN 2203B (Winter)


  • Professional Achievement Award (2016)
  • Professional Achievement Award (2006)

Creative projects

  • Second-year creative writing textbook
  • First-year workbook


Creative Writing

  • Excursion, – Textbook : culture et language, 2013, deuxième édition, Thompson et Nelson, Toronto,  198 p.

excursion book

  • Publication of my poem Musicien des couleurs in the magazine Mot dit, Ontario, Ed. In/words, automne 2011.


  • Publication of my poem Être et avoir in the magazine Mot dit, Ontario, Ed. In/words, hiver 2009.


  • Excursion,  Textbook : culture and language, 2007, Thompson et Nelson, 133 p.


  • Le français, un monde à découvrir II, Manuel de lecture (course pack), 2006, Université Carleton, 114p.
  • Le  français, un monde à découvrir, Manuel de lecture (course pack),  2006, Université Carleton, 58p.
  • Vivre  le français, Manuel de lecture, 2005, Université Carleton, 38p.
  • Curriculum et syllabus du cours 1002, 2004, Université Carleton, 36p.
  • Le papier bavard, journal culturel hebdomadaire, 1998-2000, Collège des Saints  Cœurs, Jbeil, Beyrouth 12p.