Dealing with our scattered thoughts is challenging on any day, but more than a year into a pandemic can add an extra layer of clutter. Want to declutter your mind? Feel a little less monkey brain and a little calmer? One strategy to effectively re-gain some peace of mind is freewriting. It’s a hugely valuable tool and all it requires is a pen, paper and a sliver of your time. Defined simply, freewriting is continuous pen to paper action for a set period of time without concern for sentence structure, grammar or censorship. Often guided by prompts, freewriting helps you:

  • release stress
  • gain clarity
  • feel in control
  • increase self-awareness
  • improve decision making

To prepare for this workshop, ensure that you are in a comfortable, quiet writing space that is close to a plant, tree, and/or flower, either inside or outside. Adding the breeze from an open window will enhance your experience. Have a writing book or several loose papers and a pen or pencil ready.

This event was offered as part of the Mental Health Week 2021.