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April 27, 2019, Ottawa, Ontario

“Recognizing that the spirit of place is made up of tangible as well as intangible elements which all significantly contribute to making place and giving it spirit, we declare that intangible cultural heritage gives a richer and more complete meaning to heritage as a whole, and it must be taken into account in all legislation concerning cultural heritage, and in all conservation and restoration projects for monuments, sites, landscapes, routes and collections of objects.” 

Quebec Declaration of the Spirit of Place, ICOMOS (2008)


Please submit an abstract about your proposal of no more than 300 words by February 3rd, 2019 in English or French accompanied by a title and a short biography or CV to carletonheritagesymposium@gmail.com. Please include links to any relevant supplementary media.

The goal of the 2019 Carleton University Heritage Conservation Symposium is to share original research, case studies, design projects and, other forms of creative production of, and reflections upon, tangible and intangible heritage, which examine cross disciplinary and alternative approaches and give, “a richer and more complete meaning to heritage as a whole.” We are looking for submissions that help explore fruitful areas of intersection. Throughout the one-day symposium, participants will gain insight into diverse conceptualizations of heritage and distinct ways of understanding historic places, and discover processes for intervening on and preserving the built environment and cultural landscapes. Building upon the questions of “participation, process and praxis” examined at last year’s symposium, this year’s edition wishes to interrogate how heritage and conservation practices facilitate, and respond to, processes of placemaking.

Sub-themes to be explored include:

  • The roles of theorists, practitioners, and communities within placemaking initiatives and understanding spirit of place
  • Sharing narratives, authority, and expanding understandings of place
  • Applying different disciplinary lenses to add nuance to narratives and present new solutions to conservation questions
  • How adapting cross disciplinary approaches addresses intersections of tangible and intangible heritage
  • Methods and processes of stakeholder engagement which bridge the gaps between intangible and tangible heritage

Drawing from its interdisciplinary context, the Heritage Conservation stream in Carleton’s School of Indigenous and Canadian Studies is uniquely positioned to facilitate this discussion. The symposium seeks perspectives from related scholars and practitioners of Architecture, Curatorial Studies, Engineering, Heritage Studies, History, Indigenous Studies, Planning, and Public History, from universities and communities across the Kitchissippi / Ottawa River / rivière des Outaouais and farther afield.

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