Towards Reparative Futures:
heritage conservation paradigms for social justice

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16th Annual Graduate Student Heritage Conservation Symposium
Saturday, April 27th, 2024, 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Ottawa, Ontario

Library and Archives Canada
Alfred Pellan Room
395 Wellington Street

Early registration:

Regular fee: $45
(full-time long-term employment)
Student etc. fee: $15
(applies to students, community members, seniors, and anyone in precarious employment situations)

Very limited tickets are available at the door for $50 (regular) / $20 (student).
Lunch and health breaks will be provided.

See this year’s programme here.

The goal of the 2024 Heritage Conservation Symposium is to share original research, case studies, performances, design projects, and other forms of creative production that examine the intersections of social justice and heritage studies. Presentations will explore how heritage can reconcile with challenging pasts of social injustice, cultural erasure and discrimination, and how an intersectional approach to heritage can lead to more equitableaccessible, and reparative futures.


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