Photo of Dani Belo

Dani Belo

Ph.D. Student

International Conflict Management and Resolution

Current Degrees
B.A. (Honours), Political Science and International Relations, University of British Columbia

Dani’s research focuses on gray zone conflicts, hybrid warfare, the evolution NATO-Russia relations, foreign and domestic policy of Russia, conflict mediation, security policy, ethnic conflict and nationalism in the post-Soviet space. His other research interests include civil-military relations, international relations in the Arctic region, informal institutions and networks, and natural resources-based disputes.

His publications, among others, include: “War’s Future: The Risks and Rewards of Gray Zone Conflict and Hybrid Warfare” and “Mediating an Impasse: The Way Forward in Ukraine” and “Ukraine’s New Law: What Lies Ahead?” for the Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI); “Canada and Russia: No Room to Manoeuvre” in Canadian Defence at 150 and Beyond for the NATO Association of Canada; and “Oswiecim and its Geographic Location” in Cross-Border Urban Narratives focusing on ethnic grievances, nationalism and conflict dynamics in Poland.

He was the Editor in Chief of the Paterson Review of International Affairs Journal and currently a regular contributor to iAffairs Canada.

Dani worked at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as an analyst focusing on renewable resources development in Canada’s northern regions.

Full CV may be provided upon request.