Photo of Eugen Miscoi

Eugen Miscoi

Student Testimonial

MA International Affairs (2018)

Senior Consultant, KPMG LLP

What I enjoyed most about NPSIA was the opportunity to pursue a passion. NPSIA also gave me the chance to interact with very knowledgeable professors, many of which are at the very cutting edge of their respective disciplines. What’s more, the friends that I have made at NPSIA were, and continue to be, a constant source of inspiration.

My studies at NPSIA helped get me where I am today because NPSIA allowed me to try new things. Between moving to Ottawa, taking classes in disciplines that I have never studied before, and offering enough flexibility to work full time while also studying full time, the two years that it took to get the M.A. degree at NPSIA flew by very quickly. In addition to helping gain new knowledge, develop my writing and practise my public speaking skills, my studies at NPSIA helped me learn how to multitask effectively, which is simultaneously the most underrated and most important skill for a recent graduate to have.

In my current job position, I advise KPMG clients – typically financial institutions, crown corporations, retailers, and air carriers – on questions related to privacy and the confidentiality of personal information. I provide guidance on issues related to governance, risk management, and compliance. When things go wrong, I support our clients in their response to privacy and cybersecurity incidents.