Photo of Lance Hadley

Lance Hadley


Degrees:B.A., Waterloo University; Ph.D., Carleton University

Lance is a research specialist with a decade of experience providing evaluation analyses, qualitative and quantitative methodological design, and data-driven solutions expertise to CSOs and government departments. He is the co-founder and current CEO of Sauti East Africa, an award-winning social enterprise that deploys mobile-based trade, agricultural, and market information platforms for East Africa’s women SMEs engaged in agricultural value chains.

Lance’s PhD dissertation was titled, New Market Information Applications in East Africa: Three Essays on Mapping Trade Flows, Identifying Vulnerability in Food Commodity Networks, and Nowcasting Agricultural Prices in East Africa. His research focused on generating data-driven economic measures to assist sub-national policy targeting in East African market systems. The research employed network analysis, in combination with quantitative cointegration methods to identify, map, and evaluate the market access and efficiency of subregional trade corridors in East Africa. The dissertation concludes with innovative spatial interpolation methods to estimate near-real-time food prices in vulnerable, volatile, and “poor data” market contexts.

Lance is especially passionate about innovative digital use-cases that tackle pernicious development challenges and has designed interventions utilizing technologies ranging from AI-enabled forecasting for humanitarian intervention to big-data visual analytics for official development assistance flows. As an independent consultant, he has completed assignments for clients such as Google, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Institute for Training and Research, United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Global Affairs Canada, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ, Germany), Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Australia), Oxfam Canada, World Vision Canada, Engineers without Borders, Palladium, the Century Foundation, the Canadian Partnership for Women and Children’s Health, TradeMark East Africa, and the Canadian International Development Platform (formerly North-South Institute, Canada).