Photo of Miriam Matejova

Miriam Matejova


Degrees:PhD in Political Science from University of British Columbia

Miriam Matejova is a Fellow at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs and an Economic Advisor at Environment and Climate Change Canada. She is formerly a lecturer at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and a visiting researcher at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on energy security, environmental disasters, protest movements, foreign intelligence liaison, and mixed research methods. She has taught courses in International Security, Environmental Politics, International Relations Theory, Canadian Foreign Policy, Research Methods and various topics in Canadian and world history. She is a recipient of numerous awards for research and leadership, including from Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council.

Dr. Matejova holds a PhD in Political Science from UBC. She is a co-author of Disaster Security: Using Intelligence and Military Planning for Energy and Environmental Risks (Cambridge University Press) and the editor of Wherever I Find Myself, an anthology nominated for the 2018 George Ryga Award. She has published articles on foreign intelligence, international conflict management, energy and environmental security, and global environmental activism, winning the 2018 Boyer Prize for the best article published in the Australian Journal of International Affairs.

Dr. Matejova has previously worked as an analyst, project assistant, and grant writer for national and international organizations, including the Government of Canada, the United Nations, the United Nations Association in Canada, and the Northern Uganda Development Foundation.