1. To access myPMC
  2. Request Accommodations
  3. Notetaking (students receiving notes)
  4. myPMC for Volunteer Notetakers

MyPMC is part of the University’s ongoing efforts to integrate services for students with disabilities at Carleton.  To activate myPMC, you must meet with your coordinator at the beginning of the school year.

Through myPMC you may request and update class, test, and exam accommodations.  If accommodated for a notetaker, you may also download lecture notes via myPMC.

To access myPMC

  1. Login to Carleton Central
  2. Under Student Support Services, follow the MyPMC link.

PLEASE NOTE that the MyPMC portal and the process to request accommodations will change as of Spring 2021. Details for how to proceed will be provided at that time.

The following are available to you through myPMC:

Request Accommodations

Check out the video below for a how-to access the MyPMC Portal and request your accommodations:

Submit a request for accommodations for your courses each term, to be reviewed by your PMC coordinator. If approved, your PMC Coordinator will issue Letters of Accommodation to your instructors by email. You will be copied on these emails. Please follow up with each instructor either in person or by email in order to ensure that your accommodations are in place.

Notetaking (students receiving notes)

If you have been approved for a volunteer notetaker in a particular course as part of your PMC accommodations, you will be notified by email from the Notetaking Team once a notetaker has been assigned. Once a notetaker has been found, an option to download lecture notes for a particular course will then appear in this section. For questions related to accessing notes online, please email volunteer_notetaking@carleton.ca.

myPMC for Volunteer Notetakers

Volunteer notetakers selected by the PMC use myPMC to upload lecture notes. When assigned by the Notetaking Team, a notetaker will receive an email confirming the assignment and outlining detailed instructions on how to begin uploading notes.

For more information on volunteer notetaking, please visit our Opportunities at PMC webpage.