At the beginning of each new school year, the Paul Menton Centre for Students with Disabilities hosts a PMC Fall Orientation for any new PMC-registered students. This event is held in addition to fall orientation programming offered to all incoming Carleton students.

The Fall 2020 PMC event occurred virtually, in two parts.

The event featured live presentations, a student success panel and opportunities for engagement inside moderated Q&A sessions.

Captioned recordings, accessible PowerPoint presentations and FAQs based on the Q&As sessions are available below.


Paul Menton Centre 101 Session + Q&A

Learn about the accommodation process for test and exams, learning services and how to plan a successful transition to university.

Session PowerPoint

Session PDF

Accessible Career Transitions (ACT) and ACT to Employ + Q&A

Hear from Nicole Borges (ACT) and Jenna Lambert (ACT to Employ). Nicole and Jenna work one-on-one with students who want to build-up their experience and employability skills for the future.

Session PowerPoint

Session PDF

What to Expect in a University Classroom + Q&A

Professor Motz provides some insight to the post secondary academic environment.

Session PowerPoint

Session PDF

Student Success Panel + Q&A

Returning PMC students share their experience about university life, how to prepare for academic demands and offer helpful strategies for academic progress and success.

PMC Fall Orientation FAQs

Visit our PMC Fall Orientation FAQs webpage for a written summary of all the Q&A sessions.

Email the PMC front desk at or your PMC Coordinator with any questions or concerns.

Departmental Mini Fair

Meet representatives from different departments on campus that PMC Coordinators often refer students to throughout the school year.

Hear from Mark with Awards and Financial Aid, Shannon (and Elroy) with Student Affairs, Megg with the Centre for Student Academic Support, Michaela with the Student Experience Office and Adelle (and Zak) with Carleton’s Therapy Dog Program.

Part 1 Video Recording

Part 2 Video Recording