1. Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Mathematics degree program
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Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Mathematics degree program

Please read degree guide prior to registering.

Your School

The School of Mathematics and Statistics, your home base, is located in Herzberg Laboratories. In the main office, 4302 Herzberg Laboratories, you will find administrative staff to answer your questions about the program or other concerns, or to direct you to the office of your Major advisor.

Mathematics Tutorial Centre

The Mathematics Tutorial Centre provides a free drop-in service where students may obtain one-on-one tutorial assistance with mathematics problems. Priority is given to students in elementary (qualifying and first-year) mathematics courses. Students in other mathematics and statistics courses up to second year may also receive assistance depending on the availability of teaching assistants. The Centre is located in 3422 Herzberg Laboratories.

Your Degree Program

The Bachelor of Mathematics degree is offered as a BMath (Honours) in one discipline, or BMath (Combined Honours) in two disciplines. There is also a BSc (Double Honours) in Mathematics and Physics and a “fast track” program (combined BMath/MSc) which allows exceptional students to complete both degrees in a total of 4 years. The BMath (Honours) program requires 20.0 credits and normally takes four years to complete. 15.0 credit BMath programs normally take three years to complete. A list of the programs is given in the chart of required courses for first year. A co-operative education option is also available within the Honours programs, allowing qualified students to complement their academic studies with practical experience in the workplace. Minors are available in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, and Physics as well as in numerous disciplines in the Arts and Social Sciences.

For Further Program Information

The School of Mathematics and Statistics has a full-time Undergraduate Advisor, Gary Bazdell (telephone (613) 520-2150; email: gbazdell@math.carleton.ca). Gary is available to answer your questions about program requirements. The Director of the School (telephone (613) 520-3531) is also available to assist incoming students.

Courses Required for First Year

* Students are strongly encouraged to register for MATH 1800 in the fall term.

**BMath students (in a 15.0 credit program) interested in the honours program courses must speak to the Undergraduate Advisor before making these course changes.