1. Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Industrial Design degree program
  2. First Year Course Selection Guide
  3. Computer Requirements
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  6. Courses Required for First Year

Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Industrial Design degree program

First Year Course Selection Guide

Please read this degree guide prior to registering.

Congratulations on your decision to pursue a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree! You are embarking on an educational program which will provide you with up-to-date skills and the knowledge to succeed in your chosen design career.

For students who are unfamiliar with the program, the nature of a professional program, such as Industrial Design, allows for few choices in course selection. The majority of the program is composed of core and required courses with only one, two or three electives in certain years. In first-year, the program contains only the required courses. However, those first-year students with advanced standing credits for previous studies will have the opportunity to register in elective courses that will count towards the requirements of second or third year.

Industrial Design students will find valuable information on the School’s website. The website includes registration information, schedules, Academic Orientation Day information, and much more.

As part of Academic Orientation Day we look forward to welcoming you to the School of Industrial Design. The Director of the School will greet all new and returning students at the all-school meeting.

Computer Requirements

Students in the School of Industrial Design (SID) purchase their own laptop systems. It is mandatory for students to have a suitable laptop computer as described in the SID Undergraduate Computer Requirements document (available on the SID website) by the first term of their first year of study. Desktop and handheld application based computing is not suitable to the requirements of study.

Your Degree Program

Design studios, which begin in first year and continue throughout the four-year program, focus on hands-on design projects. Students complement their studio courses with academic subjects like psychology, science, business, manufacturing and ergonomics. Initially students take more academic courses than studio courses to increase their understanding of areas related to design. By fourth year the educational emphasis is on studio-based practice. Students are required to complete a minimum of 3 months internship OR take the Co-op option before graduating from the program. It is important to note the Program Regulations as they affect year-to-year progression in the program. For more information, please visit the School of Industrial Design website. In addition to a Major in Industrial Design, students have the opportunity to Minor in programs such as Business, Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, or Technology, Society and Environment.

For Further Program Information

The School of Industrial Design website contains program details. For further information, advice and guidance, please contact the School of Industrial Design.

Courses Required for First Year


Each course CRN should appear in the Add Class table at the bottom of the Add or Drop Classes page in Carleton Central. To register, simply click the submit button. You should not delete or substitute any of the CRNs that are preselected for you without consulting with the School of Industrial Design. The first-year timetable is available with the registration information listed on the School of Industrial Design website.

Fall Term (2.5 Credits)

Introduction to Economics: Microeconomics ECON 1001 [0.5 credit]

Introduction to Psychology PYSC 1001 [0.5 credit]

Elementary University Physics I PHYS 1007 [0.5 credit]

Theory and History of Industrial Design IDES 1000 [0.5 credit]

Projects IA (this is a core course) IDES 1300 [0.5 credit]

Winter Term (2.5 Credits)

Introduction to Economics: Macroeconomics ECON 1002 [0.5 credit]

Introduction to Psychology II PYSC 1002 [0.5 credit]

Linear Algebra MATH 1107 [0.5 credit]

Industrial Design Analysis IDES 1001 [0.5 credit]

Projects IB (this is a core course IDES 1301 [0.5 credit]