1. Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Media Production and Design degree program
  2. Your Degree Program
  3. Co-op
  4. Courses Required for First Year

Welcome to Carleton and your Bachelor of Media Production and Design degree program

First-Year Course Selection Guide
Please read this degree guide prior to registering.

Your Degree Program

The Bachelor of Media Production and Design degree is an Honours degree requiring 20 academic credits that will normally take at least four years to complete. A co-op option allows you to work for a year after your second year in the program, extending the time to complete the degree by a year. The program includes courses specifically designed for BMPD students as well as some courses taken with students in the Interactive Multimedia Design program at the School of Information Technology and others with Bachelor of Journalism students. The program will give graduates the editorial, technical and programming skills for all aspects of online storytelling as well as opportunities for a broad academic education in a variety of other subjects.

You will take required BMPD courses over the four years for a total of 12.5 credits mandatory credits and 7.5 free elective credits in other subjects areas of your interest.

You can combine your BMPD degree with a 4.0 credit minor. BMPD students have found success with minors in Entrepreneurship, Art Management, Communication and Media Studies, Film Studies, and Design. Otherwise you can take courses in subjects offered by the other departments and schools at Carleton providing you meet any required pre-requisites.


Students’ development in online storytelling, web design and programming can be further enhanced by combining academic studies with hands-on practice. First-hand experience in the field, as well as contacts in industry, can be gained through participation in the BMPD co-op option. Normally co-op students complete three work terms (one calendar year) after their second year in the program. All BMPD students who meet the co-op academic requirements are eligible to participate in the co-op program. Applications are made to the co-op office through the MySuccess Portal:https://mysuccess.carleton.ca/login/studentLogin.htm.

Courses Required for First Year

  • MPAD 1001A [0.5 credit] – Introduction to non-fiction storytelling: The context
  • MPAD 1002A [0.5 credit] – Introduction to non-fiction storytelling: The practice
  • ITEC 1005A [0.5 credit] – Web interface and development
  • ITEC 1100A [0.5 credit] – Introduction to interactive Multimedia Design
  • ITEC 1401 [0.5 credit] – Scripting and Problem Solving (or ITEC 1400B [0.5 credit] – Programming and problem-solving)
  • 2.5 credits of electives that you choose based on your own interests from first-year courses (1000 level) offered by various faculties.
    • It is recommended that you consider registering in 0.5 credit of INDG electives to satisfy this degree requirement.