Jake Brown, BCS/16: From Computer Internet Security Systems to Space Systems

Jake Brown graduated from the School of Computer Science in 2016, using his studies to pursue interests in internet security and aviation. We caught up with Jake to find out more about how his studies in the Internet Security stream have helped him further his pursuit in becoming an astronaut.

Where did your interest in computer science begin?

My father gave me my first computer at a young age of around three years old. This was a 286 computer and my older brother got the 386. As I got older and learned more about them and how they worked the interest grew.

After high school I went on to study Computer Programmer Analyst at St. Lawrence College in Kingston. After a couple years I decided I wanted to switch to university…”

What led you to choosing Carleton’s School of Computer Science?

I specifically wanted to study in the Computer and Internet Security stream. At the time there were not many schools offering this stream of computer science. Also after reading about several of the professors and their backgrounds, Carleton seemed like the perfect fit for me.

Can you tell me about your honors project?

I chose to do an honors project focusing on network security and wireless. My project consisted of self designed and manufactured hardware running my own security software allowing secure communications between devices. They were designed to work in the aviation industry but could be adapted in many other environments. The idea came from my interest in aviation and knowing the lack of easy to operate wireless communications within the aviation industry for transmitting data.

What’s next for you and what are you hoping to do with your degree?

I am beginning my masters at The Florida Institute of Technology in Space Systems. My overall goal is to eventually become an astronaut and make my dream possible of going to space.

My degree at Carleton University has helped me prepare for this step in my life by giving me the experience and exposure to research and study habits that will be required to be successful in my masters and eventually PhD.